GM’s Speech

??????? After company founding, adhering to the KOMACK CO., LTD.’s first-class packaging technology, accumulated in Shanghai komatsu packaging machinery CO., LTD.,we carry out business activities.

??????? The company introduce international advanced packaging technology at the same time, attaches great importance to the combination of China’s national conditions, motivate employees of moderate price, good quality, developed by a new packaging machine, not only meet the needs of the packaging market, and obtained the domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise.

??????? Packaging market in the future no doubt towards laws “value”, “characteristic”, “practical” and “peace” and other direction, we will revolve around the direction, strengthen professional and technical innovation, strive to in a short period of time to launch the customer satisfaction of new products.

??????? At present, China’s economy is rapid development, and thus attracted countries will packaging machinery and auxiliary machinery production base gradually transferred to China. Obviously, the industry competition is tending to internationalization and global is the first problem of our company not allow to avoid, in order to adapt to this pattern, internally, we must enhance the level of design, operating and manufacturing and solve all kinds of new problems. Abroad, timely and customer communication, communication, enhance market competition ability.

????????Finally, thanks to the broad masses of users and friends from all walks of life to our Shanghai komatsu packaging machinery co., LTD., the support and cooperation, and let us hand in hand advance together, we will create the future.