1.This kind of machine is especially developed to back-seal solid materials to fill and package, which can be compatible with different measuring devices such as multihead weighers, linear vibrator, and so on.
    2.This machine can pack different kinds of product in the same time for each lane, (depending on measuring devices).
    3.Humanized human-computer interaction interface, easy to operate and adjust.
    4.The pouch length can widely vary and is simple to changeover, so it is suitable for making a variety of different pouch length products.
    5.The servo motor and the high-sensitivity photoelectric ensure the stability of the pouch length.
    6.Vertical seal and horizontal seal are servo-controlled film traction, effectively improve the packaging speed.
    It's widely used for packaging all kinds of melon seeds,beans, peanut, puffed food, candy and cookies, 3 in 1 coffee and so on.
    Filling Product Solid materials& Powder
    Pouch Pattern Back-seal
    Pouch Height Range 100-180mm
    Pouch Width 60-120mm
    Packaging Capacity 30-50 pouches per minute
    (depending on pouch height,film composition,product property,etc)
    Filling Capacity 1-50ml
    (depending on product property and filling device to be used)
    Applicable Film Width Maximum 600mm
    Maximum Film Roll Dia 400mm
    Power Consumption 3-phase 380V 10kw
    Air Consumption
    Machine Dimensions 1600mm(L)×1500mm(W)×2700mm(H)
    Machine Weight Approx.1500kg