This machine is Multi-lane liquid&paste automatic filling and packaging machine, Its advantages:  wide application, simple operation, easy maintenance . This machine is used in multi-lane of 4-side packing.The suggestion that you can apply it in Multi-lane making when the width X lane amounts +  bilateral cutting width =less than 300mm
    This machine is broadly used in packaging liquid soup,cosmetics,cleansing liquid and mayonnaie,which require high filling precision.
    Filling Product Liquid & Paste
    Pouch Pattern 4-side seal
    Pouch Height Range 2divisions 100-200mm
    3divisions 80-150mm
    4divisions 55-100mm
    6divisions 40-60mm
    According to the width of horizontal sealing pouch height range is different.
    Pouch Width 280mm(MAX)+Both sides of the cutting part
    Packaging Capacity 20-150 pouches per minute(1-lane)×lane amount
    (depending on pouch height,film composition,product property,etc)
    Filling Capacity 1-50ml
    (depending on product property and filling device to be used)
    Applicable Film Width Maximum 560mm+
    Maximum Film Roll Dia 400mm
    Power Consumption 3-phase 380V 14.95kw
    Air Consumption 300L/min0.4-0.5Mpa
    Machine Dimensions 1900mm(L)×1500mm(W)×2300mm(H)
    Machine Weight Approx.1600kg